• no more violations in your code
    Time, Money, Security. and Productivity can be destroyed by one flaw in the development of your application's code without the proper tools. VioFixer automatically fixes security code violations without diverting developers away from their core tasks to research and resolve security vulnerabilities or having to hire an external company. VioFixer does it all for you.
  • code can change the world
    Code is a universal language that is globally understood. When it is applied correctly, it drives business functions, manages processes, improves product development, and continues to influence every factor of our lives. Code can turn an idea that was once considered a thought into a reality. VioFixer is a product that helps the novice programmer to the expert coder create that change.
  • next gen technology-Be Smart
    By definition, when a computer or machine can learn how to diagnose it's own flaws and vulnerabilities then apply that knowledge and fix it without human intervention that is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). When a software program can identify areas of security code vulnerability, and fix it by itself, that is called VioFixer.


  • CODE

The VioFixer Story

What started off as a process to ensure that the applications we developed were free from security code vulnerabilities became a revolutionary new development tool called VioFixer. Developed for software developers by software developers to automatically fix security code vulnerabilities left unaddressed during the Software Development Cycle (SDLC), VioFixer was created. Now, software developers no longer have to be diverted away from their core tasks to resolve security code violations that take time, research, and specialized training. VioFixer completes the job that other software security code tools leave unfinished. Whereas those tools can only identify vulnerabilities, VioFixer automatically resolves them.

Who we are ?

Built by Developers for Developers we are VioFixer. A product of our many years of programming experience and research, VioFixer was created to address READ MORE .....

What we do ?

We are in the business of preventing security vulnerabilities in the software development process. Our main goal and objective is to help other companies protect READ MORE .....

Our services

VioFixer incorporates the three main three standard industry-wide SDLC processes which include Dynamic analysis, Static analysis, and READ MORE .....
VioFixer was developed by Peniel Solutions LLC., (PSL), a recognized leader in software development that has been providing complete, end-to- end technology solutions in the Federal Government and Private Business sectors for nearly two decades.

What is Viofixer?
Viofixer: The Solution

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